"a musical journey of the heart, sweet like a buoyant souffle".


.....Grateful to be in the studio these days making some beautiful music to share with you very soon! * watch video clip below for a taste of one of the tunes;  Jardin D'hiver. 

Also, expect live performance dates tba soon as well, in the meantime be well!



"A musical journey of the heart, sweet like a buoyant soufflé"

- Joel Rothberg


"Maryanne's version of  Serge Gainsbourg's 'La Javanaise' (was)"exquisitely sung"

- Chris J. Walker, LA JAZZ SCENE

"Maryanne Reall is not your 'Gardenia Variety of All That Jazz' she takes charge of her material with zest and originality"

- John Kalish, WeHO Patch 

"One of the smoothest, most effortless blues singers I have ever known. Her subtlety and caressing of a lyric is something to behold"

- Terry Cole, musician, lights and sound artist