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Whether it's jazz, blues, a bossa nova, a French tune or a sly “tongue in cheek” pop tune,  critics, fans and musicians agree that vocalist Maryanne Reall has a distinctive way of taking you on an intimate adventure with her innate musicality, warm mellifluous tone and her subtle way of caressing each lyric.  It has also been said that when Maryanne and her combo de jazz perform live, they create an unforgettable atmospheric gem of music and ambiance. 

Ms. Reall recently completed a long-term engagement at Tom Rotella'a legendary Gardenia Room in Hollywood with her homage to jazz icon Billie Holiday that she called ''The Lighter Side of Lady day". Well received by audience members and critics alike, the show was described as "an atmospheric gem that will awash you in nuance and flavors of Ms. Holiday herself," and the singer was praised for approaching her material with "zest and originality".

Maryanne's inspired repertoire continues to expand and evolve and now includes French songs. The singer's passion for the chanson is evident and some have taken note.  Her recent debut at Feinstein's at Vitello's was called a "musical journey of the heart, sweet like a buoyant souffle".  Passed performances have garnered press from L. A. Jazz Scene's Chris J. Walker who not only compares her to the inimitable Jazz Chanteuse  Blossom Dearie, but also describes her live version of Serge Gainsborough's classic "La Javanaise" as 'exquisitely sung'.

A native New Englander, music has always been Maryanne’s passion.  This passion and her dream to live in ‘California’, inspired by the Joni Mitchell song, were both realized back in the 90’s. Since then, she’s appeared at countless venues up and down the coast. She has also had the honor of making music with notable touring and recording artists such as pianists Josh Nelson (Natalie Cole) and Llew Mathews (Nancy Wilson), and guitarists Marcel Camargo ( Micheal Buble) and Mitchell Long (Melody Gardot), among others.

Stay tuned for updates regarding a recording project in the works as well as live performances details tba soon!








"Captivating and at ease with well disguised fortitude similar to Blossom Dearie"... her version of the song 'La Javanaise' was "exquisitely sung".

 - Chris J. Walker, L.A. Jazz Scene

"Maryanne Reall Is Not Your Gardenia Variety of All That Jazz, she takes charge of her material with zest and originality.... any way you spell her name, she is the real deal."    

John Kalish, WEHO PATCH

"Maryanne adds her own spin to the jazz tradition and has something to offer ( re:  her cd "In Her Own Voice"), she recalls Billie Holiday in her tone and phrasing while giving a concise, sincere and affectionate treatment to each song...most notable is the great care that went into her repertoire."

- Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene 

"Cabaret Vocalist Maryanne Reall and her New Orleans Style Piano Professor Bob Stevens opened the Southern California Jazz festival for A.J. Croce and helped to provide enough contrast to interest even the most jaded listener(s)."

- Bill Kohlhaase, L.A. Times 

“The song, ‘For the love of you’, is soulful and full of joyous celebration, standing out as one of those (songs) you can remember for days and weeks ahead”.  ( re: her CD; 'In Her Own Voice')

 Jim Santella L.A. Jazz Scene

“Her voice fills your ears with adventure and possibility, the listener will appreciate the subtle and poignant delivery of each song”.

- Llew Mathews

Legendary Pianist.

(Arranger for Nancy Wilson's Grammy winning CD; RSVP.)


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